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Sneaker shoes
summer is more important,
On the one hand
to be suitable for the hot summer climate, air permeability, better portability.
On the other hand
personality performance will be better, because the summer dress collocation is relatively simple and refreshing, naturally become the core of the highlights of the whole shoe outfit.

coupled with the recent sale of new a lot, how to choose a pair of shoes is not so easy to hit, and the unique style of shoes, you need to take some thought!

is also a popular boutique, Air Jordan 11 Low and Yeezy 350 Boost V2 this summer is a good choice, but a bit hot, a just released high popularity easily hit after the shoes, so small was chosen, there is another two "personality choice"!

the two pairs of shoes are small start, as this summer's flagship shoes!

Nike Flyknit Racer "BETRUE"
editorial colleagues say that Flyknit Racer is a pair of "

is addictive
"shoes, because lightweight performance is excellent!

lightness of people on foot unforgettable!

but people was the most memorable

hollow upper air
, to have such a knit uppers hollow, except it you have second choices!
This color is not available in the
BETRUE Chinese District, Xiao Bian purchased from the NYC SoHo store in New York on business when, after factoring in taxes with the domestic price is about $1200, equivalent to the RMB.

in black and white as the background tone of yin and Yang, 6 colors of the rainbow Swoosh is the best show personality! And in the streets almost can not see the same paragraph, there is a very comfortable summer performance, it has become a small summer daily!

small clothing list

price: $268.2 (original price $298, summer promotions

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SSUR 2Pac All Eyez On T-shirt: Me

price: $358.2 (original price $398, the existing summer promotions)

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Shorts: J>

, a 23 year old boy, is very energetic and cheerful. It is hard to imagine that 3 years ago, he almost stood up and had difficulty in walking. It was all because of Parkinson's disease. Now, the pacemaker has been treated by surgery. He has not only acted freely but also participated in the international marathon race held by the US for chronic disease patients. He has been running 16 kilometers and has been awarded the title of "global hero".

yesterday morning, Xi'an Tangdu Hospital Department of Neurosurgery medical staff gathered together to welcome the "Parkinson hero" Jiao Fei "home". Coke fly behavior a little can not find traces of Parkinson's disease tremor and rigidity.

Department of Neurosurgery, Professor Wang Xuelian still remember 2011, when attending Jiao Feilai, hand foot shaking, said of an aged person. Jiao Fei said that his home in the poor mountain village in Henan, 9 years old to find his left hand trembling, gradually developed to walk difficulties, a walk on wrestling, was diagnosed as Parkinson. The older brother of his 5 year old was also suffering from the same disease, because the local use of a relatively old mode of surgery led to a brain damage to the bed.
The experience of
brothers has attracted much attention after media coverage. Tangdu Hospital is working together with brain pacemaker production company to rescue coke fly and make pacemaker operation for free. After the operation, the coke fly recovered very well.

in April this year, as a physical device implanted in patients, he enrolled in the Twin Cities International Marathon 10 miles (about 16 km) race, the game is provided with implants body and patients with chronic diseases as special, China mainland only representative, in October 5th, 2 hours and 21 minutes to coke fly 44 seconds to run the whole, won the "world hero" title.

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